We love weddings and hope you will choose to marry in one of our chuches.

You can be married in your local church where you live and also if you have what is called a ‘qualifying or special connection’ to it.  So, for example, if you were baptised in this church or your parents were married there or you have lived in the Parish for at least six months, then you have a qualifying connection.

We recommend this website which explains qualiying connections and helps you with planning your wedding:

Certain rules apply if you have been divorced but you should not assume that you cannot marry again in Church here. You may be able to do so and we can help answer the question.

Please do not hesitate to ask for further information. 

Wedding fees (May 2022)

The fees for weddings are set by the Church of England. Currently they are:

£512 to marry in your home church or £560 to marry in another church.

You will also need to consider the cost of any musicians, bell ringers and photographers you want.



Baptism (also known as 'christening') is an important rite of passage where parents celebrate the joy of new birth with others with this ancient and simple ceremony. The baptism can take place as part of a Sunday service or privately just with friends and family.

There are a few rules which mean that if you live outside of our parishes you can only be baptised here if have a "strong connection" to us and have also obtained written permission from the Vicar of the Parish Church where you currently live. This is quite common and should be simple to get.

Please contact our vicar if you are thinking about having your child baptised.

For more information about Church of England baptisms go to

An alternative is a "Service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child" if you would prefer this instead of Baptism. This allows you to mark the occasion with a formal ceremony but has a lighter touch and has less of the language and symbolism that regular church goers are more comfortable with



If you live in Harston, Hauxton or Newton you are entitled to ask for a funeral service for your loved one, in the Parish Church or the crematorium; at a cemetery or a woodland or green burial site. You do not have to be a church-goer to have a funeral here.

Please contact the Vicar if you need to arrange a funeral. 


Every person is unique, every life is special, every journey through death and grief is personal. And the Church of England has been supporting people through all of this for hundreds of years – and your local church is there for you…..every step of the way. This website reflects how we in our three parishes are willing to be with you ‘every step of the way’:

Here is a prayer which may help. It is taken from:

Lord of all love,

be with me today in the stillness

and comfort me as I remember my friend

Be with me as I look back,

remembering all whom I mourn,

and be with me as I look forward

to the journey that lies ahead.

Give me the strength to talk of hope

and the courage to show love.
In the name of Jesus. Amen.