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Hauxton Forest School Tidy

A good number of parents, teachers and members of St Edmunds church, Hauxton, gathered for three hours on Sat 11th May to tidy up an overgrown area of the school with the aim of turning it into a Forest School Learning Area for the children. Lots of efforts by all concerned and good headway was made. Tea, coffee, cake and refreshments were provided by Megan and Ann with contributions from the school and church to keep everyone satisfied. In time, we hope this can become a vibrant learning area for the children and St Edmund's church will also be making use of it in the summer to hold a few outdoor church services. The first of these will be on Sunday 21st July at 4pm as part of our new service 'Sunday Praise at 4' Save the date and come along!

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Come and sing Choral Evensong

6pm, Sunday 28th July, Harston

Directed by Luke Fitzgerald

Includes music from the beautiful Schubert setting of Holy, Holy, Holy to the great SS Wesley’s Blessed be the God and Father and some Taizé style contemplative music by Margaret Rizza.

No previous experience necessary

All ages are welcome

Image by Deleece Cook

Save the date

Saturday 20 July.  

Sacred and Secular - a Summer evening of music and refreshment at St Margaret's Church, Newton.

Image by Rachel Brenner

Coffee and Chat

7.45pm, Thursday 23 May

Coffee and Chat at 10 The Limes, Harston

Discussion of some poems from 'Stressed Unstressed - classic poems to Ease the Mind'.

Harston Annual Parochial Church Meeting

7.30pm, Monday 20th May

All Saints, Harston

If you are interested in joining the PCC, please contact your Churchwarden - their details can be found on Mandy's weekly notice sheet and the website.

Please contact Joy Richardson if you would like to be added to the electoral roll.

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Visit to Darwin Nurseries
3pm, Saturday 1 June

Last year’s Harston Open Gardens supported Darwin Nurseries in Teversham with a donation of £1500 (approximately half of the funds raised over the weekend).  By way of a thank you to the village Darwin have extended an invitation to take a tour of their rather special establishment followed by tea and cakes in their new cafe.

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Save the date

Saturday 13 July, 2pm - 5pm

Harston Church Summer Family Picnic with strawberry tea, games and crafts.

Around the Deanery

7pm, Friday 17 May. Diocesan Concert by the Boy Choristers of Ely Cathedral at St Mary’s Church, Sawston CB22 3JR. Please register your interest at This is a free event with a retiring collection for Choir Tour Fund & the work of St Mary’s.

12pm, Saturday 25 May, The Challis Garden, High Street Sawston, CB22 3GT

Nearer God’s Heart in a Garden, A Midday Rest and Quiet Afternoon led by Rosey Feuell, LLM, Great Shelford St Mary and others.

2-6 June, Retreat on Iona, Argyll led by Rosey Feuell, LLM, Great Shelford St Mary’s. Questions/Bookings to Rosey by 19th May. / 01223 213305.

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The Newton Metal School

Wednesday 22 May

Newton Village Rooms 7pm

This event is organised by the Art Friends Cambridgeshire in support of St Margaret's Newton.

David Marshall, a specialist dealer in Arts and Crafts metalwork will talk to us about the Newton metal school..Founded in the 1870s as an evening class for the men and boys of the village by William Hurrell it was transformed by his son Harold in the 1880s into a metal school, helped by a Miss Nash of Newton. Harold had attended an Arts and Crafts school in London where he met John Williams who was to be one of the principal designers. The school flourished, winning prizes both locally and nationally enabling the men to supplement their income by selling their artefacts. It continued until the second world war, always true to the Arts and Crafts style.

We will have an opportunity to see the many fine examples of their work in the church after the talk.

Tickets £27 including wine from the Art Friends website or from Juliet Short:

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Mandy's Musings

You have probably seen the new portrait of King Charles by Jonathan Yeo. It is rather startling to say the least and I drew a sharp intake of breath when I first saw it. I wondered why so much red? I thought initially it looked like a large hue of red which rather spoiled a picture of the King. However, as I spent some time and looked more closely I could see that actually there was an enormous amount of detail in the portrait. The King's face is incredibly realistic with the lines of life etched onto it - a man who has lived and experienced life. Then there was the uniform he was wearing and the medals that come through showing his distinguished military career and causes. Finally, we all saw the butterfly, resting on the King's shoulder, a symbol of metamorphosis and change as well as pointing towards the King's ecological interests. Much more could be analysed but it is safe to say that the painting is not just 'a lot of red paint'. Red is the colour of Pentecost and we have the symbol of the Dove, not a butterfly, coming down to rest on the church. When we read the story in Acts, it is bold and dramatic but if we're not careful we can only see the bold and dramatic version of the Holy Spirit and miss the smaller, less obvious, but equally important features of the Holy Spirit resting on the Church. The Holy Spirit comes at Pentecost to give dramatic life to the disciples but also the Holy Spirit comes to give joy, healing, comfort and peace and a myriad of other powerful things so that we can be sure that God loves us. Let's not always look to the bold and dramatic. But, if we study awhile, often we can see the simply beautiful and encouraging in the small things as well as the big ones.

Every blessing,


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Food Hub

Wed & Sat 11.30-1.00pm in Harston Baptist Church email:

Harston Community Foodhub has two separate sections that operate in different ways and have different aims.

The ‘Food Bank’ provides emergency food support to residents of Harston and the surrounding villages
(mainly Hauxton, Foxton, Newton, Haslingfield, Barrington and Shepreth). It is part of a network of food banks that operate in South Cambridgeshire. Bags of non-perishable food are made up using food donated or bought with donations. Support from the food bank is intended to help people through a crisis.

The ‘Fresh Food Larder’ distributes fruit, vegetables and bread and is part of an initiative that helps to avoid food waste. Donations of surplus stock are picked up from local supermarkets and farm shops by volunteers (often the night before) or brought in by local growers. Whilst much of the food is collected by people visiting the food bank, food from the fresh food larder is available to everyone no matter where they live or the circumstances they are in.

Ways to support the Foodhub

By making food donations - at the hub or in designated containers outside the Baptist Church, at Harston Primary School or the Harston shop.

By donating money to our bank account:
Harston Community Food Hub 
Lloyds Bank
Sort code 30-99-50
Account number 11912862
or the village shop collection tin or via JustGiving (see our Facebook link)

By volunteering: contact them on

By using it.

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Trumpington Memory Cafe

Every third Wednesday of the month,10am-12 noon at The Pavilion, Paget Road, (opposite Anstey Way), Trumpington, Cambridge, CB2 9JF

Run jointly by Trumpington Parish Church and the Rotary Club.

A place where people with varying forms of memory loss can visit with their carers and support each other and have fun. Call 01223 840268 to book a place and please give your name(s).

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Free admission to Ely Cathedral

All electoral roll members are eligible for a free pass to Ely Cathedral. If you would like one, please fill in this form and ask Mandy or a churchwarden to sign it. You can then present the form at the Cathedral to get your pass. 


You can read the Benefice Mission Plan here.

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