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A message from the Revd Susan Bowden-Pickstock (April 2019)

How lovely for us as a family to be making new changes at this time of year. We moved into the Harston Vicarage at the end of February and have been so grateful for the very warm welcome we have received in the villages and in the churches, thank you!

Moving is not a new thing for us as a family, in fact family life is a constant development isn’t it?

I am an East Anglian, born and bred in villages in Suffolk, I went to school in Felixstowe, and then off to university first time round in Chichester to read English Literature; one of my great loves is stories. Following this I moved to London to study nursing at Guys hospital, and then back to Cambridge as Philip and I had met, married, and he was working in finance here. For the last thirty years we have lived in Cambridge itself, Fulbourn, Lode, Earith, five years in North Norfolk, and now Harston. We now have four adult children, three born in the Rosie and one at home. The first three knew mostly Cambridge itself, as Philip’s work, and my career in nursing, then BBC local radio, kept us close; but Joel has known the full impact of moving that ordination has given us. It has been fascinating finding the differences in attitude and lifestyle in each place we have lived, and we’re really pleased now to be in South Cambridge, as there is a hint of hills out this way!

For as well as stories I love the outdoors and exercise. I have been fortunate to be able to enjoy trampolining, cycling, swimming, riding; and mountain hiking with two of our sons. We particularly love Snowdon, there is just one route we have yet to climb, the slightly precipitous Crib Goch, but it’s difficult to find a day when the wind allows that one! However, Cambridgeshire is very good for cycling, and our dog has proved really good for getting us out walking locally. Meanwhile I am back studying, another joy, and our children all move on in jobs, and relationships, and this year Charlotte will be married in Harston Church.

In the Church calendar we are currently in Lent, a time of taking stock, of reflecting on who we are as human beings in relation to ourselves, to God and to each other. A time for me this year of being thankful for all the aspects of life, family, community, nature and culture that have shaped me and delighted me. We look forward to our time here, with its inevitable challenges, and its many joys.

Bless you


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