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Ash Wednesday

Wednesday 2nd March
7.00pm Hauxton Ashing Service

Evening Lent course

Eat, ponder, pray

6.30pm Tuesdays, at a home in Newton

Details below

Afternoon Lent course

God is not a white man
4.30pm on alternate Wednesdays and Thursdays in All Saints', Harston
Details below

Palm Sunday

Sunday 10 April
9am Newton Holy Communion
10.30am Hauxton Morning Prayer

Holy Tuesday

Tuesday 12 April
7.30pm Newton Taizé service

Maundy Thursday

Thursday 14 April
7pm Hauxton
Remembering the Last Supper in scripture, Passover, poetry and praise

Good Friday

Friday 15 April

3pm-4pm Harston

THE PASSION. An exploration in drama and music of the final scenes from the life of Jesus. The stories of the Last Supper, the arrest in Gethsemane, the trials before Caiaphas and Pilate and the Crucifixion told by those who witnessed these events, and interspersed with some music from Bob Chilcott's Passion performed by the Music Group. 

Booking no longer required. Open to all.

Holy Saturday

Saturday 16 April
Stainer's Crucifixion
7pm St Margaret's, Newton

Easter Day

Sunday 17 April
9am Newton Holy Communion
10am Harston Holy Communion


Eat, ponder, pray

Tuesdays evenings in a home in Newton from 6.30-8.30pm.

During Lent it’s normal for Christians to reflect about life, the universe and all that.  This year, aware of our own strange journey through a time of pandemic, we invite you to spend some time in a group reflecting on our wilderness experience. We’ll share a simple supper, listen to each other and each week see what the bible offers us as a resource for wilderness travellers. From 8 o’clock we’ll have a compline music and prayer to finish. 

To sign up, email Rev'd Susan at revroses@gmail.com

Tuesday 8 March
Dust: An introduction to our being human in the wilderness.
And what The Bible says about being human.

Tuesday 15 March
Air: Covid and the importance of breathing. 
Exploring the implications of ‘nooma’: the Greek word for breath which describes the Spirit of God. 

Tuesday 22 March
Rock: our experience of stumbling on stones and standing on rock.
And how the Bible talks about God as a rock. 

Tuesday 29 March
Water: How have we known drought or flood conditions in ourselves in the last two years ?
And how Jesus spoke to three people specifically about water and life. 

Tuesday 5 April
Tree: Into what have we been, and are we, rooted and planted? 
And  the biblical tree of life. 


God is not a white man: and other revelations

Alternating Wednesday and Thursdays 4.30pm-5.45pm in Harston church

Chine McDonald has written a powerful book which explores the idea that each of us matters in the sight of God. Her book has glowing recommendations from the Archbishop, who describes it as ‘a profound gift’, and theologian Paula Gooder who says: ‘You must read it”.

To sign up, email Rev'd Susan at revroses@gmail.com

Thursday 10th March
Introduction and  chapter 1

God is not a white man.

Wednesday 16th March
Chapters 2 and 3

Love is not colour blind and Africa is not a country.

Thursday 24th March
Chapter 4 and interlude

Beyonce, bodies, betrayal and beauty.

Wednesday 30th March
Chapters 5 and 6

Education, liberation, death and plague. 

Thursday 7th March
Chapter 7

The Kingdom of God is a mosaic. 

We’ll end each week with a candle and some silence.

To order the Book:

Chine McDonald 
'God is not a white man: and other revelations'
Hodder and Stoughton
ISBN 978-1-529-34907-8


Sano di Pietro (artist) Sienese, 1405 - 1481

The Crucifixion, c. 1445/1450

National Gallery of Art