What is 'church'?

Held in God's hands:

Held in God's hands


The Church is a family supporting and caring for each other:

Church is a family

This carving was given to me by the congregation of a church in Ghana in West Africa. It reminds me that the Church family is not just local, but world wide, and it is important to remember our sisters and brothers around the world at this time, especially those in countries where they do not enjoy the wonderful health facilities that we do.

John (Barrett)

Titian: The Supper at Emmaus:

The Supper at Emmaus


Holman Hunt: The Light of the World:

Light of the World

A print of this famous painting hung in our hall, when I was a boy, and was often looked at, and referred to, by my parents; it was a potent symbol of their faith.

El Greco: St Luke:

St Luke

And El Greco's painting seems an image of profound faith that I have long appreciated. 

John (Barber)