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Is it easy to be good?

In conversation with the writer, Francis Spufford, an oncologist, a novelist, a soldier, an HR professional and a journalist explore the rules, the responsibilities, the potential and the pitfalls of their work.   


In Episode 1 Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald discusses what it means for her to be ‘good’ in the discipline of medicine, both as a clinician and as a scientist.  To be a good doctor means more than just being good at medicine.

Technical excellence is only part of any profession’s definition of goodness.  But how, in today’s world, do you work out what goodness means in your profession?

Watch Rebecca's conversation with Francis Spufford on the Ely Cathedral website or by copying this link:

We are three village Churches with one warmth of welcome.

All three villages are along or near the A10 just outside Cambridge and we belong together in one group (or Benefice).  To see our Benefice Profile, which explains about the Benefice and our parishes, please click on Benefice Profile above.

At the moment, we are 'in vacancy', but we continue with our full range of services. 

Vacancy update

The Churchwardens from the Benefice of Harston, Hauxton and Newton are pleased to announce that we have appointed a House for Duty Priest. 

A further announcement will be made on the 23rd September in the candidate’s current Benefice and our Benefice, at which time the candidate’s name will be revealed. 

Based on the notice period that the candidate will need to give, Christmas, and potential work in the Vicarage, we hope to have our new Priest licensed late February.

Please click on Benefice Services to see the details of services.

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