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We love doing weddings here.  

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Please get in touch by emailing us if you want to get married in one of our Parish Churches. 


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There is an excellent web-site which will help you with planning your wedding:

but please do not hesitate to ask for further information. We provide some more information further on this page, along with photographs which show the happy couples.


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JR Wedding

Euan and Sarah

Preparation for your wedding day is important. The law lays down rules and requirements before you can get married but we are happy to help you with them so please contact us if you are thinking of getting married here. 


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JR Wedding


If you live in the Parish, you are entitled to marry in the Parish Church and we want you to do so. Also if you have what is called a ‘qualifying or special connection’ to the Parish Church you are entitled to marry here.  So, for example, if you were Baptised in this Church or your parents were married  there or you have lived in the Parish for at least six months, then you have a qualifying connection.

Here is a link to the qualifying connections in full :

If you have been divorced, certain rules apply but you should not assume that you cannot marry again in Church here. You may be able to do so or you may not. You need to talk it through with the Churchwardens.