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Our vicar is the Revd Mandy Flaherty.

Her usual working days in the Benefice are: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Saturday is her rest day.

You can contact Mandy at:

01223 650330

The Vicarage,

Church Street,



CB22 7NP

Mandy was licensed as our vicar on 18th April 2023.

Follow Mandy at

Mandy Flaherty | Facebook

Revd Mandy Flaherty - Vicar HHN - YouTube

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Vicar: About

A montage detailing my first few weeks arriving as Vicar of HHN

Vicar: Video

Hello, I’m Mandy – pleased to meet you

I am very pleased to be appointed as Vicar for Harston, Hauxton and Newton and I am looking forward to moving and living in the Benefice ready to start my work with you all. As a little bit of background information and to introduce myself to you, I hail from Nottingham originally but I have lived and worked in many places. Once I graduated from University, I trained as a Secondary School Teacher and spent 20 years teaching English and Drama in a number of different schools, including two years in South West China. I had been exploring my call to ordained ministry for a number of years before I took the plunge and I was ordained in 2004. A little bit later, I also became a mum to two children, Jayden and Grace, who are now 16 and nearly 18. So we will arrive with you as a family of three and are really looking forward to getting to know the area and making new friends on all levels.

My daughter is studying Animal Welfare and learning to drive so look out for her on the roads! My son is still at school doing vocational studies and he hopes to work in the building industry. We are all animal lovers and have two little dogs – Junior and Angel, and one cat – Sammy. We also have a horse – Rocco – who is currently loaned out while life is so busy for us. We like the outdoors and the countryside but are also excited about living near to a city again and all that has to offer.

Personally, I enjoy reading, travelling and all the creative arts. I have a background in drama and the theatre so that is my first love but in more recent years I have wanted to write creatively – they say that there is a novel in all of us – so perhaps that will be something I complete in my next decade. I am passionate about education in all its forms and I will probably always have a role in supporting the world of education as well as other forms of ministering and serving.

I am excited to get to know Harston, Hauxton and Newton and want to be involved in the communities so you may find me turning up at a number of things in the villages over the next few months. We intend to move into the Vicarage some time after the 19th March 2023 and we will have a little while to settle in before I am licensed, probably in early April. Thank you for your welcome so far and I look forward to making my home among you and serving in these parishes.

Every Blessing,


Vicar: Text
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