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Rev'd Susan's announcement

April 2022

I have been mulling about the notion of spaciousness as a gift from God for the last few weeks, it cropped up in a book I was reading over Lent, and has revisited me in these Easter  weeks. For me this last three years have been a time of spaciousness. That is, less in terms of hours free, and more as a time where I have been able to step back from a full-time vicaring post and been able to study and think, and in particular about the whole business of being called by God. My MA studies focussed on the business of discerning God’s call and of being formed as ministers and Christian people. Both this study, and also my own experience in the last 8 years as a parish priest in two places, have led me to understand that my vocation, and the nature of my calling is changing. That my own particular skills, experience and gifting is towards training rather than parish ministry.

I am therefore writing to you to let you know, as I have already let our churchwardens know, that I am now coming to the end of my time as a vicar here in these parishes. Not only have I sensed a change in my direction, we have also had some changes in family life. To our delight in 2020 our first grandson was born. Last year as a family we received the news that he has been born with a chromosome deficiency syndrome. He is very well and a delight, but it does mean we don’t entirely know if at any point he will need more input or care in specific ways. We therefore want to move nearer to our son and daughter-in-law and place ourselves into Warwickshire rather than Cambridgeshire in order to be more in the middle of all our children, and specifically 2 hours nearer the Wirral. 

I shall continue with my post as New Ministries Lead, training the curates in the Diocese of Coventry.

Our three and a half years here have been a joy and delight in the work and relationships with you all in the parishes. We are very grateful for all of your welcome and support and engagement especially on my more mad ideas as to what we might do with children’s work and community outreach. I am delighted to say that I have seen growth in people, not numerically but in their ongoing faith life and perhaps subtle changes to approaching how we can be a church in our community. There is much to be thankful for, and I am!

Little of course did we foresee the world pandemic, and that certainly was a tricky time, and also quite exhausting in many ways for me; both with the support of my mother whose health deteriorated considerably over this time, and in working out how to be able to minister in more creative ways in the parishes. However, I am really pleased to have been able to serve as your priest here during these times.

I am letting you all know of this change a little earlier than is technically necessary. 

I will officially hand in my notice towards the end of May and my final service here will be on August 21st.

In these next 4 months everything will continue (pandemics allowing) as normal. We will have a chance to put in place a helpful structure and for me to help build you all up to be ready to take on what I hope and pray will be a short interregnum, before the person God is already preparing will come to take my place. They I have no doubt will offer you skills I don’t have and continue a good and healthy parish life into the future.

I write with a certain sadness as the end of this season comes on, but also in the knowledge that God is good, and as my calling changes, so another will also be changing towards you.

The goodness of God bless you all, now and always,


The Covid-19 Chronicles

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