Story Church

Story Church

takes place on the second Sunday in the month at 4.30 pm in Harston Church. Next one: date tba

Just click on the link at the top of the page for stories by 

1 Holy Week to the journey to Emmaus
2 On Christmas Night and Advent Adventures

and the Rev Susan 

1 Holy Week and 
2 Christmas , some stories for the under 4's (1-3 minutes) and some for the 5-9's  (6-9 minutes) 

Sister Wendy Beckett: A Child's Book of Prayer in Art

"Teach me to respect other people and the way they live and the things they believe.  Help me never to be cruel.  Help me to trust other people and leave them their freedom to be different."

"Teach me to accept other people with love as you do.  Help me to take other people as they are and never be cruel or unkind whatever they look like."

Romney: The Gower Family

"Please help me to love my brothers and sisters and be kind to them.  Please make our life together as happy and helpful as this dance."

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The short piece by Kevin Crossley-Holland on Adam and Eve is excellent, appealing to all ages.