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Susan's musings archive

 Spring 2


As I look out through my study window I can see the cheerful nodding yellow heads of all the daffodils that I planted in the Autumn, and it is a delight!

And God said to Noah…Spring 4

As long as the earth remains, there will be planting and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night.”

This is one of the earliest promises of God to humankind, a promise in perpetuity, so we can still rely on the fact that each year we can plant bulbs in autumn and they will appear in the spring. The seasons and the harvest will remain, - even if some years those timings are moved forward or back a little with flooding or drought!

Spring 3Spring 8

I remember reading a story about Winston Churchill’s wife, Clementine. It was said that during the war she went out into a park or gardens in London and planted bulbs. It was not so much to cheer 

people up, she said, but an act of defiance. “We will see these bulbs grow again, and we will be free to do so!” it has stayed in my mind, that sometimes we need visual reminders of constancy and continuity.

I have been pruning and mulching and removing the weeds just putting their leaves out in the vicarage garden. I am longing to plant, too, in preparation for our Harston Open Gardens, and that will come. 

Spring 6Perhaps during this strange time of battening down the hatches, we may be able to do even the smallest of garden projects, as an act of courage, positivity and life in the face of everything else.


Spring 7Spring 9