• As Susan set off . . . 
  • Hens, our newest residents, settled
  • Harston Church
  • Flowers
  • Harston's newest residents

SBP's aquilegias

Photo by Susan as she set off for a dog-walk.

As Charlotte says, "The 'Girls' are now happily settled in."

Hens 1Hens 2

Hens 5

Hens 3Hens 4

Harston Church

Photo by Frances, from her garden 15 April 2020

As we cannot decorate the Church with flowers this Easter, here are some photos:

Flowers 4

Photo by Charlotte

Flowers 2Flowers 3

Photo by Margaret                                Photo by Julie

Flowers M1Flowers M2

Photos by Margaret

Charlotte writes:

Harston’s newest residents, 4 point of lay chickens, brilliantly sourced and delivered by the resourceful Victoria of Queen’s Close.  

They are very shy at the moment and getting used to their new surroundings but we hope within a few weeks they will start to lay to contribute to the weekly food boxes and even sell eggs to provide funds to buy more food. 

Harston hens

Harston hens 2