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PCC Minutes


25 MARCH 2020

By Zoom

Present:  Revd. Susan Bowden-Pickstock (Chair), John Barber, Charlotte Clarke, Shaun Fitzgerald, Norman Jones, Brian and Mary Nash, Paru Oatey, Mowgli Oatey, Andrew Pitts, Joy Richardson

1. Opening Payers:  were led by Susan

2. Apologies for absence:  Beth Hawkins

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 28 January and matters arising:  These were approved and signed by Mary.   There were no matters arising.

4. Restoration and Development:  (see attached report from Norman)  Of the 3 quotations received for the new floor, Herringbone is the lowest price and with a reasonable start date now of mid-July.

With reference to the new chairs and pews, the DAC were not happy with our choice of the larger benches as they were heavier, more difficult to stack and couldn’t easily be hidden from view.   Therefore Norman has obtained a requote for 9 of the smaller benches.   The price will increase on 1 April by 3% (£780) and a 50% deposit is normally expected with order.   Andrew confirmed that we have enough money for the new floor, but not enough money for a deposit on the new chairs and pews.   The Cambridge Historic Churches Trust (CHCT) will loan up to £20,000, repayable at £5,000 per annum.   Shaun suggested we apply now for the loan and this was agreed provided our accountant can return our accounts a.s.a.p.    This in view of the fact that all APCM’s have been postponed until October.   We will then get in the queue for the new floor.   The new furniture will not be ordered immediately and if we have to pay the extra 3% we will cover that.   We will also investigate how best to dispose of the existing pews.

5. Finances:  (see attached report from Andrew) Because of the covid-19 crisis Andrew recommended that the transfer from unrestricted funds to the restoration fund be postponed for 6 months.   With the church not currently being used we will save money on heating and lighting and we have enough to pay the Ministry Share.   As the Parish Giving Scheme cannot process new applications due to the present situation, Susan will send a note to those parishioners who donate via the envelope scheme asking if they would be prepared to pay by direct debit instead.   Susan will report back on this.

6. Social Events:  Charlotte reported that arrangements for the Open Gardens event in June had been going well with Cambridge Cuisine and Neptune pledging their support.   As people have obviously been tending their gardens in preparation it would be good if the event could take place in some form, but we will try again in 2021.

7. Fabric:  Sound system and heating: (Brian to report) Two quotes have been received for a new sound system (one from Absolute Audio and one from Venue Audio) but in Brian’s opinion neither of them completely fulfil the package we require.    Brian suggested that a small interested group (Standing Committee?) should meet and define the parameters required for the new system.     

wifi hot spot/heating control:  Shaun has been looking into the setting up of a wifi hotspot in church to investigate the stability of the mobile signal.   However, he has run into a problem because the  major mobile companies are not, at the moment, issuing any more SIM cards due to covid-19.  

Brian stated that we had obtained a quotation from Nuttcombes to modify the wiring to the heaters to allow for the installation of a ‘Hive’ style control system.   This was envisaged to be a 2 zone system, 1 to be installed in the bell tower and 1 in the main body of the church.   The cost for this would be approximately £600.   Individual control of the heaters, although possible, would involve considerable cost and would be very complex.   The zones could be controlled individually from the ap on a mobile phone and more zones could be added, possibly up to a maximum of 10.   Susan asked about the running costs of the heating.   Brian said that Euan Rintoul who had been responsible for the utilities, had estimated a charge of £45 for funerals  for example, between October and April.

8. Proposed Merger of Harston and Hauxton parishes:  See attached statement from Revd Susan.  

9. Preparation and Reports for APCM:  Susan read out the Bishop’s letter of 20 March extending the date of all APCM’s until 31 October.  This to include the appointment of Churchwardens and Deanery Synod reps.    It was agreed that all reports will be approved at the at the meeting to be held on 22 April.

10. Revd Susan matters:

Health and Safety:  This will now be placed on the PCC June agenda.

Eco-church proposal:  Prepared by Jilly and Toby.   Susan said that we have a beautiful churchyard and the plan is to make it more eco friendly.   Susan asked about solar lighting for the churchyard and Brian confirmed that Norman is looking to replacing the current lights.   Joy said that the Parish Council is keen to have a bulb planting session in the village.

Covid-19:   Brian reported that people had been very pleased to receive a phone call from Susan and all agreed that to hold a Sunday service on the website would be most welcome.   It was also agreed to have an ‘after service coffee session’ via Zoom.   Susan confirmed that she is hoping to prepare something for each evening of Holy Week and a short discussion took place on how we might use the internet to reach out to people during the current situation.

Safeguarding:  Nothing further to report at present.

Electoral Roll:  Andrew confirmed that there are currently 44 people on the roll.

11. Correspondence:  None

12. Date of next meeting:  22 April 2020 at 7pm



28 JANUARY 2020

Present:   Revd. Susan Bowden-Pickstock (Chair), John Barber, Charlotte Clarke, Shaun Fitzgerald, Beth Hawkins, Norman Jones, Brian and Mary Nash, Paru Oatey, Andrew Pitts, Joy Richardson

1.     Opening Prayers:  were led by Susan. 

2.     Apologies:  None 

3.     Minutes of the meeting held on 14 November 2019 and matters arising:  These were approved and signed by Susan.    Norman confirmed that all the lead had been repainted with Smart Water last year;  re fundraising – no action;  Mary confirmed that the plaque in memory of Bridget Bromilow was in hand,

4.     Restoration and Development:  (see attached report by Norman).   Norman confirmed that the DAC would like to know our choice of chairs as soon as possible and they would not approve a mix of benches and chairs, but would approve some of the children’s benches.   The colour chosen should be sympathetic to the rest of the church.   The small benches are stackable and the ones we choose will not be upholstered as the sample one is.   It was agreed to choose the Theo style of chair and to order a total of 80, with 10 of these to have arms and 6 of the longer children’s benches.  They have a place for service books, but these have to be removed when chairs and benches are stacked.   A detailed specification for the new floor has been sent to Hibberts, Herringbones and Butlers of Sawston requesting a quotation.   Norman said that work on the new floor might be able to start after Easter. Brian Page will advise.   Norman to meet with Jesus College rep. this week to ask for their approval for repairs to the east wall of the chancel.

5.     Finances:  (see attached report from Andrew).   Andrew also presented the financial statements for year ending 31 December 2019.   Joy asked about income for the Village Magazine and Andrew confirmed that he pays all the bills.   Concerning graveyard funds, Andrew proposed that we wind up the Greene’s bequest and Shaun suggested that a chair might be named in memory of someone and this could be started by the Greene family.  Charlotte to contact a member of the Greene family who now lives locally.  The naming of chairs could be taken forward by the Fundraising Committee.   It was agreed that Andrew will investigate merging the two Crisp grave funds and ending the Greene fund.   Beth suggested we use some of this money to replace the pathway lining.

6.     Social Events:   (Charlotte circulated her report):  She said that the profits from the Christmas Fayre had been slightly less than the previous year.   There had been no collection following the Carol Service and it was agreed that this should be resurrected in 2020.   The Open Gardens event will take place on 13 and 14 June and Charlotte to ask Neptune if their forecourt might be used as a selling point for programmes.   As at the previous Open Gardens in 2018, it is hoped to involve  children in some way.    Shaun to try to arrange a concert by Junior Prime Brass in early October, or if this would not be possible, then in summer 2021.

7.     Fabric:  Re church cleaning, Susan asked about employing a professional cleaner.   Mary confirmed that this had been investigated previously* and at that time it was considered that the cost involved could be used more beneficially elsewhere.    It was decided to raise this matter at a PCC meeting later in the year.

Sound System:  Brian confirmed that one quotation had been received and he was awaiting a second.   Brian has also consulted Andrew Flewitt for advice.   Brian to investigate having a wifi hub.

Heating:  Norman suggested consulting Nuttcombes to look at our system to let us know how it could be modified with regard to turning it on and off.   A programmable system would be possible, but would be complex and expensive to install.

 8.     Health and Safety:  We have a church risk management system and we will need a Health and Safety Officer.  Paru and John volunteered to meet with Susan to discuss.

9.     Rev. Susan Matters:

Fundraising Committee:   Susan to ask John Barrett, Rupert Pearce-Gould, Nigel Richardson, Paru Oatey, Charlotte Clarke and Norman Jones if they are willing to stay on and to meet regularly.

Parish Away Day:  Susan said that despite the heating break-down, it had been a successful day.   She had prepared a history of the clergy in the Parish and John Barrett had given a vision statement.    Susan would like our Mission Statement to be placed on our notice board in Church.

Pastoral Reorganisation:  (Hauxton to unite with Harston)  Susan produced a document (see attached) explaining the advantages and what this might involve.  She pointed out the potential Hauxton have with the new estate being built and said that together we can be stronger.   The only people so far to have been consulted in Hauxton are the Churchwardens.    Simon Talbott and Alex Hughes have approved the merger and Alex is keen to help and has suggested he might meet with us in May to discuss.   There is no plan yet to increase the number of services and the PCC’s could also merge.

Lent Lunch:  Lunch will be held in Harston Church on each Thursday during Lent to support the Living with Wildlife Appeal.   We will explore how our faith can thrive throughout the week in our daily living.  

Solidarity Supper:  Supper will be served each Thursday evening at Harston Vicarage to share the tastes and tales of displaced people across Europe.  

Easter Services:  26 February (Ash Wednesday)  6pm service at Hauxton

Holy Week:6 April, Taize service at Hauxton

                        7 April, Compline at Newton

                        8 April, Harston

                        9 April,  Maundy Thursday, service 8pm at Harston

                        10 April, Good Friday 10am walk to Baptist church followed by service

                        5pm meditative service at Hauxton

                        6pm meditative service at Newton

                        11 April, Newton choir sing Stainer’s crucifixion at 7pm

                        12 April, Easter Day, communion service 9am at Newton and 10.30 at Harston

            plus 11am at Hauxton taken by the Revd John Barrett

Sacristan:  Susan produced a spreadsheet with suggestions of how we might reallocate church duties between sidespeople, churchwardens, and PCC members and the appointment of two vergers.  This would lighten the duties currently performed by the Sacristans.   Susan will meet with the Churchwardens to discuss this further and in more detail.

Safeguarding:  Susan stressed the need to put a statement on the website.  Nina Kay has one for Newton.

Deanery Fair:  To be held on 21 March and the Newton team will not be available.   Paru suggested that this year Hauxton might help.

10.  HH Magazine:  Joy asked the PCC if the number of people who contribute could be broadened.    In essence it was agreed this would enhance the magazine, but it would depend on how many pages could be allocated to us.

 11.  Correspondence:   None

 12.  Dates of future meetings:  PCC – 25 March;  APCM – 22 April at 7.30pm

 *Mary met with a cleaning company from Haverhill in February 2015.

 14 NOVEMBER 2019

Present:  Revd. Susan Bowden-Pickstock (Chair), John Barber, Beth Hawkins, Mary and Brian Nash, Paru Oatey,  Andrew Pitts, Joy Richardson

 1.Opening Prayers:  were led by Susan

 2.Apologies:  Charlotte Clarke, Shaun Fitzgerald, Norman Jones

 3.Minutes of the meeting held on 14 November 2019 and matters arising:  These were approved but with the timing of the school choir singing at the Christmas Fayre changed to 11.30am.   Andrew reported that All Saints’ insurance premium remains the same as last year and we will not need a visit.   We are covered for metal theft, providing we keep up with Smart Water.

 4.Restoration and Development:  (see attached report by Norman).   The PCC was asked to authorise an ongoing fundraising committee.   This was approved and a summary document will be sent out to the wider community and put on the agenda for the next PCC in January 2020.

 5.Finances:  Andrew presented his report (see attached).   He reported that he has now paid off the final instalment of the loan from the Cambridge Historic Churches Trust.   He referred to the loss made by the Village News Magazine due to printing costs rising more than advertising income.   It was agreed that we should spend at least another £10,000 towards the floor/pew redecoration project.   Following their PCC meeting, and with reference to the suggestion at our last PCC meeting that we should help Hauxton with the payment of their ministry share, it was agreed that as they have an unrestricted fund, we will not offer any assistance at present.

 6.Social Events: (see attached report from Charlotte):  Re Parish Away Day 30 November, Susan distributed a questionnaire and a sign-up paper will be in church on Sunday 17 November.   The Carol Service on 18 December will be a similar format to last year’s.   On 5 December the school will be in church to “Experience Christmas” and it was agreed that some decorations would be in place.   Some help would be appreciated for this event and for a similar event at Hauxton on 12 December.   Charlotte to contact Cottenham Brass Band to ask if they will be free to give a concert at All Saints’ in December 2020.

 7.Deanery Synod Report: (see attached report from Brian).   The minutes of the meeting held on 31 October have not yet been received, but when Brian receives them he will forward them to PCC members.

 8.Fabric:  Sound system:  Brian reported that the loop system is broken and because of its location, when it is replaced tiles will have to be dug up.   He has located a company who will give a free assessment of our requirements and Paru will contact Andrew Flewitt for his advice.   Heating controls:  Brian reported that these are set on a weekly basis and if extra heating is required then Norman changes the timer accordingly.   The alternative would be a wi fi hub.   Andrew said that it might be possible to do this remotely over the cellular phone system.   It was agreed that we will look for a simpler solution.   Brian to speak with Norman and report back to the next PCC meeting in January.

 9.Health and Safety: A progress report will be discussed at the PCC meeting in January.

10.Safeguarding:  All PCC members present were given a pocket guide which includes a local section.   Policy to be put on the website and on the notice board, plus who’s who sheet.   Mary to put a signed copy on file.                                                          MN                                                     

11.Rev. Susan Matters:

All present were happy with the proposed Christmas services and it was agreed that coffee will not be served following the Christmas Day service.  Story Church has so far been very well received.  Re Meadow Way services:   Due to new commitments, Sue Pitts will no longer be able to assist.   In recognition of Sue’s longstanding help, Susan will present her with a gift at the Parish Away Day.   The rota for the services in future will be:  John Barber, John Barrett, Scott Paton and Susan.   Regarding a Lent course – this has been done previously as a Benefice course and also at Coffee and Chat.  Susan is in contact with a group in the Diocese.    The Mothering Sunday service at Harston on 22 March will be a half-hour family service.    Services will be held each day during Holy Week.

 The meeting approved a suggestion by Mary that a sign be made in memory of Bridget Bromilow and placed on the new cupboard in the servery area.                                         MN

 12.Correspondence:  None

 13.Date of next meeting:  28 January, 2020



Present:  Revd. Susan Bowden-Pickstock (Chair), John Barber, Charlotte Clarke, Shaun Fitzgerald, Beth Hawkins, Norman Jones, Mary and Brian Nash, Andrew Pitts, Joy Richardson


1 .  Opening Prayers:  were led by Susan


2.   Apologies for absence:  Paru Oatey


3.  Minutes of the meeting held on 2 July and matters arising:  These were approved and signed by Susan.   There were no matters arising.


4.  Restoration and Development:  Norman presented his report.   The key points were:

The Quinquennial period, both internal and external is now coming to a close and following an inspection by Brian Page and Herringbone Restoration, some minor items were identified and are in hand.   The new cupboard (Bridget Bromilow’s bequest) is now in situ and a double wardrobe has been purchased to replace the table in the annexe.   All cleaning materials, including the large vacuum will be stored in this cupboard.     An inspection has been carried out by the Green Journey Energy Saving Scheme and this was satisfactory.    Report from them to follow.

Security:  CCTV is very much cheaper than e-bond and lots of churches have this system.   It would be set up along the church path.   Andrew confirmed that a quotation from Ecclesiastical Insurance is due.   Two quotes had been received for removal of the pine tree and it was decided to go with the cheaper quote. Norman will follow up Archdeacon’s concerns.


5. Finances: Andrew presented his report and listed our donations under Charitable Giving.    In previous years we have given 10% of our unrestricted voluntary income to different charities.    Should we wish to implement this now, we still have £2,059 remaining after our donations this year to the Children’s Society, the Salvation Army, Granta Deanery YOUTHINC scheme, Ely Diocesan Mission Fund and Dimensions-UK.   Concerning the Ministry Share, Susan confirmed that Hauxton would be struggling.   A suggestion by Shaun was made that we might help Hauxton with their share, and Susan said we should see how things stand at their November PCC.    But all were in favour of the proposal.  Andrew confirmed that our fundraising donations now stand at £35,000.    Referring to Andrew’s additional Overview report, Joy asked about the various investments which are handled by the Diocese.    Andrew confirmed that he is notified of the interest earned and at Shaun’s request would ask the Diocese for information on the state of the investments.


6. Social Events:  Charlotte reported on the attached list.   Tickets for “With great pleasure” on 5 October will be available at Better Brew on 7 September and on 9 September there will be a meeting with the Baptist Church to discuss the Harvest Lunch on 6 October.   At the Christmas Fayre on 23 November, Susan confirmed that the school choir will sing at 12 noon.   It was agreed that the Fayre will start at 11am and end at 2pm.   Regarding the Junior Prime Brass concert in May, a time of 6pm was suggested and a charge of £5 per ticket.    Norman asked to be kept informed of their rehearsal dates in case of any work which is being carried out in church.   Charlotte confirmed 13 and 14 June 2020 as possible dates for Harston Open Gardens  and said she will contact Cottenham Brass Band to request a concert date for December 2020.    Charlotte also reported that Maureen Bloss is no longer able to organise wedding flowers.


7. Deanery Synod report:  Brian distributed his report of the meeting held on 3 July.    Rev. Simon Talbott gave an update on the General Synod.   This was followed by a talk given by Ann Allen, Operations Manager of REACH, a Haverhill based charity to help people out of poverty and provide debt counselling,    An update was given on Deanery finance and Deanery share and there will be a meeting for PCC Treasurers on 9 September (tbc) at St Mary’s Linton.    A proposal was suggested that future meetings should be ‘outward facing’ and open to PCC members and members of congregations.   Brian suggested that he send the minutes of Synod meetings to PCC members for their comments and these could then be passed on to the Synod.    Shaun agreed with Brian’s suggestion, but said to attend the meetings was not a good way of getting people involved.   Susan will report this suggestion to the Rural Dean.   The next meeting will take place on 7 November at Little Shelford, when the speaker will be Geoffrey Hunter (Church Buildings Consultant).


8. Roof Alarm:  Already covered under item 4.


9. Health and Safety:  Susan distributed a list she had prepared of possible key risks to be discussed at the November PCC.   She will also send out a further document – a template an example of a Health and Safety risk assessment for a charitable body such as a PCC.


10. Re-ordering “are we nearly there yet” – comments on Susan’s report and progress:

Susan had prepared a Summary to Date report which will be sent out to recipients of the pew sheet prior to the meeting following the 10am service on 15 September.   The explanatory finance statement produced by Andrew will also be circulated.   There will also be copies available in church.

Susan read out an account of the recent fire which devastated Notre Dame cathedral in Paris in order to understand how important church buildings are.  Norman then referred to the report he had received following the visit in July of Geoffrey Hunter, the DAC Church Building Consultant.   The key points made were:

·        He appreciated the fact that the pews show extensive damage from beetle and that ideally they should be replaced, but we need to establish the history of the pews – i.e. when installed and by whom.

·        A statement of significance and a statement of need should be prepared and he suggested that in the statement we might mention what makes our church unique and better than other venues in Harston for holding certain events.

·        He gave several organisations we might consult for guidance.

·        He also noted the rising damp damage to the columns caused by the sealing of the marley tiles in the nave floor area.  

·        He said that the removal of the tiles and the concrete plinths would be considered a significant gain for the building, both aesthetically and physically.

·        He supported our plan to install a nave altar, but stressed that the new altar should be used for Holy Communion only.

·        He said careful consideration should be given to the storage and stacking of the seating.


Our meeting on 15 September will establish our preferred seating arrangements and we can then move forward to obtain an up to date quotation as a document of fundraising.   However a final decision still needs to be made on the flooring for the central aisle.  Shaun asked about the cost of the Ely chairs and suggested we obtain a photo of the chairs en masse when we are trying to sell the idea of more stackable chairs.






11. Worship:


12 December:  School Carol Concert

18 December at 7pm Harston Carol Service –  (liaise with Music Group) and Dimensions UK to be invited.

24 December: 2 Christingles 2.30pm at Harston, 3.30pm at Hauxton

24 December: 11.30pm midnight service at Harston and Hauxton John Barrett/Susan to officiate

25 December:  10am Benefice Communion at Harston


Following consultation on timings with the Headmistress of Harston and Newton School, a new children’s service will take place on 13 October at 5pm.   Further services will follow on the second Sunday of each month.   Initially, Godly Play will be used. 


12. Rev. Susan Matters:

a) Away Day to Lode on 30 November:   Susan and John Barrett will organise.

b) Green Energy Survey: A representative came to the church and was quite happy with what we are doing, particularly with LED’s.

c) Links with wider community:  Susan has consulted the Diocesan Ecumenical Officer regarding the addition of the Rev. John Barrett to the ministry team,  and she is awaiting a formal meeting to investigate the process required for this to happen.   Nina Kay (Newton) has agreed to be the Parish Safeguarding Officer.

d) Utilities:  See Andrew’s report.


13. Correspondence: (Mary)

Email re Bishop Dagmar inviting anyone from the Diocese to join her when she walks the Fen Way from 12 to 14 September.

A poster and details of a one-day symposium on ‘Gender Power and the Pulpit’ taking place on 4 October at Ely Cathedral.


14. Dates of future meetings:  14 November, 2019 and 28 January, 2020.














2 JULY 2019

at the Vicarage

Present:  Revd. Susan Bowden-Pickstock (Chair), John Barber, Charlotte Clarke. Shaun Fitzgerald, Beth Hawkins, Norman Jones, Mary and Brian Nash, Paru Oatey, Andrew Pitts, Joy Richardson

1       Opening Prayers:  were led by Susan.

2. Apologies for absence:   There were none.

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 13 March and matters arising:    The minutes of the meeting held on 13 March were approved, with one amendment, and signed by Susan. Susan queried item 4. Under Restoration and Development, re 2014 Quinquennial that the wooden floor in the chancel should be painted under the existing lino.   Norman confirmed this on the advice of Brian Page.   Shaun suggested that we ask for clarification on this point with BP, and this was agreed.   

4. Restoration: (Norman, see attached report)

Norman reported that the new cupboard in the servery area is awaiting painting and could be installed next week.    Other minor repairs are being done in the annexe.    Regarding the appointment of a new architect on the retirement of Brian Page, Ashley Courtney will be happy to take us on with the recommendation of Brian Page.   Norman confirmed that his fees are below the level of VAT.

Shaun asked about the crack in the tower, and Norman confirmed that there has been no movement and that Brian Page had inspected it.   A discussion took place on the condition of the pathway to the burial area and it was agreed that some improvements need to be made.   Charlotte asked about a key safe for the annexe and Norman confirmed that this would be done.   It was agreed that an item on a roof alarm should be added to the agenda for the PCC meeting to be held on September.                                                        MN               

5. Finances:  (Andrew, see attached report)

Andrew reported that an anonymous donation of £10,000 had been received from a parishioner.

6. Social Events:   Charlotte reported that £656 had been raised from the Curry Evening in February and this had been sent to Dimensions UK.   The Plant Sale in May had raised £900 The Village Hall Committee were very pleased with this result as were the Better Brew Café.   Brian also confirmed that the bakers’ stall had increased their profits on that day.   The next scheduled event is the Christmas Fayre on 23 November, although it is hoped that John and Nigel will entertain us with “an evening with” sometime in October in church.   Charlotte confirmed that it is hoped to hold another “Open Gardens” in 2020 and those people who had opened their gardens in 2018 will be happy to do so again.   Charlotte suggested that this might be advertised in the Red Cross booklet.    She also suggested that at some point in the future we might tap into the Graeme Green connection for a Harston Literary Festival.   Regarding another performance by the Cottenham Brass Band, Christmas 2020 was suggested as a particularly good time of year, as the last concert in May 2017 had not been as well attended as it was hoped.   Shaun mentioned that Junior Prime Brass are looking for a new venue for their rehearsals and that if we are able to offer Harston then they would give us a free concert.   He suggested that this might be done in conjunction with the Music Group.

7. Deanery Synod Report: (Brian, see attached report)

This was held on 4 April in Hauxton Village Hall.   Youthinc had been very successful in the Hinxton group and it is now moving on to Linton.    Paru said that the meetings she had attended to find out more information had been very helpful.

8. Consultation on proposed term limits for lay members of Deanery Synods:

This had been circulated prior to the meeting.   Rev Susan suggested her own opinion “Giving deanery synods the power to impose a deanery-wide limit on successive terms”  but encouraged everyone to send in their own.

9. Re-ordering ‘are we nearly there yet?’ progress on communication (Susan and Paru) and IT possibilities:

Susan circulated a progress report she had prepared in which she invited the congregation to attend a ‘working coffee’ meeting .    It was suggested that September would be a suitable time and Norman confirmed this as it would not have been put before the DAC Committee by the earlier suggested date of 21 July.   It was therefore agreed that the meeting should take place following the 10am service on 15 September.  Susan had identified 4 main questions in the report so far.   These are:

As a congregation are we agreed on the desirability of raising money for improvements?


How can our services be enhanced by improvements?   Norman emphasised that our current pews are not suitable for purpose and more flexible seating would enhance worship.

Can we identify new groups which might use the church, or existing ones which might use it more (within our limited parking provision)?    Susan suggested holding a service at the back of the church and a short discussion took place on the possibility of moving the font.   She said that a Mother and Toddler Group would be an asset as there wasn’t one at present in Harston.  

Beyond that, what sort of events do we have in mind?   Susan had suggested that audio visual facilities might also be provided which would also help to make the church more usable by other groups.

Susan then asked for considerations on all headings to be sent to her by 1 August.

10. Changes to the Electoral Roll:  Andrew reported that 3 names had been added to the roll since the APCM, bringing the total to 44.

11.  Rev. Susan matters:

a)  school report: Susan visits Hauxton twice a month and Harston once a month

visiting thoughts: Susan has prepared a list of people to visit and on 22 July there will be    

 a pastoral meeting.   

 vision for Harston: Scott had suggested a joint service for Harvest with the Baptist Church to be held in the Village Hall. Several present opposed the idea of a Church service in the Village Hall but agreed that a Sunday lunch in the Hall would be more appropriate.  

The only Sunday free at present is 6 October.

b)  New Service Possibility:  Susan is talking to the Headmistress at Harston regarding this.

c)  Ministry team:  Susan reported that John Barrett will be leading the service every third

Sunday in Harston from September and this has been cleared with the Diocese.   It must

be called a Methodist Service.   Nigel, Susan Pitts and Toby are lay people on the team.

d)  Chalice and Sacristan team: These are now all certified.

e)  Safeguarding report:  Sarah King, Diocesan Safeguarding Officer,  gave a talk  on 4 June

to people involved and Susan has met with Nina Kay from Newton who will hopefully

manage safeguarding for the whole Benefice.

f)   Benefice as a plurality with Simon Talbott as incumbent:  Susan confirmed that he

 is the ultimate authority and she meets with him as her Rural Dean.   Susan is Associate

 Priest, but is to be known locally as our Vicar.    Susan suggested an ‘Away Day’ for the

 Congregation to take place on a Saturday and 19 October might be a possibility.


12. Renewal of Data Privacy notice and Health and Safety Policy:  These were approved.

Paru asked if we could move the first aid box from the vestry to the annexe to make it more available and this was agreed and Brian suggested having a second box.   Health and Safety to be put on agenda for the meeting in September:                                                     MN


13: Correspondence:  Regarding the Village Magazine, All Saints’ are assigned 7 pages for their contribution,  but we usually only use 5/6 and the costs are paid in proportion to the space given.   It was therefore agreed to inform Jane Stringer that at present we require only 6 pages.


Susan referred to the Green Journey Energy Saving Scheme to reduce our carbon footprint in the Diocese of Ely.   It was agreed that we will partake in a free audit and that Shaun and Norman will be present.


This year’s Ride and Stride will take place on Saturday 14 September.   Mary will ask Sarah Coe to write a piece for the Pew Sheet.


13 MARCH 2019

at the Vicarage.

Present: Revd. Susan Bowden-Pickstock (Chair), John Barber, Norman Jones, Mary and Brian Nash, Paru Oatey, Jilly Pearson, Andrew Pitts, Joy Richardson

1.Opening Prayers: were led by Susan.

2. Apologies for absence: Charlotte Clarke, Shaun Fitzgerald

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 16 January and matters arising: These were approved and signed by Susan. There were no matters arising.

4. Restoration and Development: (Norman, see attached report)

Norman reported that no faculty would be required for the work needed to the cupboard at present covered by the red curtain. However, a faculty will be needed for the work to the servery area. Norman to action this on-line. A short discussion followed on what could be done with the existing frontage to the servery.

Norman reported on his visit to Thriplow church to view their floor tiles. We have asked for two quotations for this job, but this can be extended to three. The plastic tiles sealed the floor whereas the limestone tiles will allow the floor to ‘breathe’.

With the retirement of Brian Page this year, Norman has already arranged for Ashley Courtney, a DAC approved architect to visit us on 19 March. He comes highly recommended and has already worked with some of our contractors.

Roof Alarm: Any new system will have to be approved by Ecclesiastical Insurance and our current policy expires in October. Norman has recently reapplied ‘smart water’.

Bells: Due to a problem which had arisen recently, it was decided to cancel any bookings for the remainder of Lent in order for a full inspection to be carried out. Mary to contact bell ringers.

2014 Quinquennial: An additional note that the wooden floor in the chancel should be painted under the existing lino.

5. Fundraising Project: (Paru)

There had been no response yet to the flyer “Are we nearly there yet?” Norman, Charlotte and Rupert Pearce-Gould to meet to discuss how we can raise money and which businesses to approach. Norman suggested the Heritage Lottery which, until a few years ago, had a support fund for churches and John said how successful the “talent” scheme had been in raising funds for the annexe. Susan suggested that potential donors could be invited to have their name inscribed on a tile or a chair.

6. Finances: (Andrew, see attached report)

Andrew reported that we are 9% better off than we were last year and we have £47,000 in the restoration fund. The general fund is in good shape and we have enough money coming in to cover our expenses, including the parish share. It was agreed that £5,000

could be put into the restoration fund. There are now 12 people in the Parish Giving Scheme. The annual accounts are currently still with David Thompson.

7. Preparations for APCM:

Paru said that all the reports have been approved to go forward. Rebecca Fitzgerald has produced a report from the Music Group and Susan Pitts has reported on the monthly Meadow Way services. After many years’ service as a PCC member, Jilly Pearson has decided to step down. On behalf of the PCC Susan expressed our heartfelt thanks for all her dedicated and hard work during that time.

8. Social Events: (see attached report from Charlotte)

Andrew proposed that Harston should absorb the costs for the Licensing for all 3 churches in the Benefice, and this was agreed. Susan asked about our charitable giving policy which was referred to in Charlotte’s report and Paru explained what had been decided at the Standing Committee meeting 0n 22 October 2018 (see PCC minutes of 15 November 2018).

9. Rev’d Susan Matters:

a) Susan now has a full set of keys.

b) Susan would like to hold a Parish story telling session in each church in order to meet as many people as possible who could inform her about the Parish and the people in that Parish, past and present. This would take place in church and it was decided for Harston this would be held on Sunday 14 April from 3 to 5pm. Susan will prepare a notice for the pew sheet and the PCC would suggest the names of people.

c) There will be a service in each church on Mothering Sunday and details will be put in the pew sheet and on the website.

d) Susan will hold a service of Compline in each church during Lent – Harston on Monday evenings at 7.30pm, Newton on Tuesday evenings at 7pm and Hauxton on Wednesday evenings at 6pm.

e) Easter Day: Susan will attend each service on Easter Day, but they will be shorter than usual.

f) Children’s work: Susan will be taking a school assembly every other week in Hauxton and at least once a month in Harston. She asked that if anyone has any other ideas please will they pass them on to her.

g) Expenses: Susan to see treasurers of each church.

h) Susan asked that if we have any questions at any time please do let her know.

10. Correspondence:

Email about safeguarding which had been sent to all 3 churches.

Email giving dates of forthcoming Granta Deanery Synod meetings: these are:

Thursday 4 April at Hauxton Village Hall; Wednesday 3 July at Whittlesford Parish Church;

Thursday 7 November at Little Shelford Parish Church


Norman referred to Bridget Bromilow’s fund of £1,000 for the new servery area. The cost will be approximately £4,000 and because of Bridget’s association with the Sunday School he suggested that the money from this fund might be used. However, it was agreed that this should be retained and used for children’s work. The sound system is working well at present but this item should be put on the agenda for the next PCC meeting.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 3 April following the APCM.

16 JANUARY 2019

at Harston House

Present: Paru Oatey (Chair), John Barber, Charlotte Clarke, Shaun Fitzgerald, Mary and Brian Nash, Jilly Pearson, Andrew Pitts, Joy Richardson, Norman Jones

1.Opening Prayers: were led by Paru.

2.Apologies for absence: None

3.Minutes of the meeting held on 7 November 2018 and matters arising: were approved and signed by Paru. There were no matters arising.

4. Church Warden’s Report: (Paru)

Paru thanked all those who had helped make the Christingles on Christmas Eve and for the flower arrangements and Christmas decorations in Church. Hannah Cleugh, the Bishop’s Chaplain led Harston and Hauxton Christingle services which had been very well received and Hannah is happy to be asked again. Paru also thanked Roger Greeves and Rebecca Fitzgerald for preparing the Order of Service for Carols by Candlelight which was well attended and also thanked the Sacristan team, Susan, Brian and Beth for ensuring the smooth running of all the services during the Christmas period. Paru had received a very appreciative email from the Headmistress of Harston and Newton Primary School following the school’s Christmas Carol Service in Harston Church on 13 December, and saying that she felt how much it showed there is a real link between the school, the church and the wider village.

Licensing Service for Susan Bowden-Pickstock:

This will take place on Sunday 24 February at 3pm in Harston Church, followed by a reception in the Village Hall. Benefice Church Wardens will meet on 23 January to review the licensing planning. Benefice Church Wardens, Susan Pitts, Simon Talbott and Susan BP will meet for a rehearsal a week before. Benefice representatives will meet on 30 January to discuss catering and flower arrangements. Invitations to the Licensing have been sent to local representatives of village associations and to all vacancy clergy.

5. Restoration and Development (Norman, see attached report)

The estimated cost of the renovation of the servery area and Lady Chapel has now risen to £4,320 plus VAT, and it was suggested that money from the Sunday School fund might be released to help with this cost. Permission for this has to be obtained from the Diocese and Andrew will investigate. Jilly then commented on the poor condition of the window behind the servery and Norman reassured the meeting that this had already been noted as had

repairs needed for other windows. Joy asked that provision for children should also be made in the servery area and this was agreed. A short discussion took place on roof security and the possibility of lead theft. There is a non-lead replacement, but this in itself can cause problems. Regarding the replacement of our existing pews, some concern was expressed at the cost and Norman suggested that we should visit several churches to view and compare their seating arrangements. Whatever we choose will need DAC approval.

With reference to Pinder’s land, the Parish Council have a new representative and Norman will arrange a meeting when all the necessary documents will be produced to discuss what might be done with the land. John explained that it had been thought in the past that vehicular access would be impossible due to the close proximity of the land to the bridge.

6. Deanery Synod Report: (Brian, see attached report)

7. Finances: Andrew (see attached report)

A short discussion took place on the Parish Giving Scheme which had been approved by most people. Newton have also signed up to use it. Paru commented on mission statistics and reported that post-Easter 2018 attendances and collections have risen.

8. Preparations for AMP/APCM on 3 April:

Notice has to be given in due time and place, and the AMP needs to receive nominations for the Churchwardens. The next meeting of the PCC on 13 March needs to receive and approve the Churchwardens’ Fabric Report (Paru) and the Treasurer’s accounts and financial report (Andrew). The March meeting of the PCC should also receive the Annual Report of the proceedings of the PCC and the activities of the Parish generally (Mary and John). A new Electoral Roll has to be prepared every 6 years, the next occasion being 2019. The old roll lapses completely which means everyone who wishes to be listed on the new roll has to complete a short form. As Electoral Roll Officer Andrew will shortly be sending out forms. Jilly and Andrew after 3 years are due to step down as members of the PCC unless they wish to be re-elected.

9. Social Events: (Charlotte)

The next event will be a Curry Night at Harston House on 22 March when all proceeds will be donated to Dimensions UK. The Plant Sale will be held this year once again at the Village Hall on 4 May and next week there is a reunion of all those who had opened their gardens in 2018 and they will be encouraged to produce plants for the sale in May. A possible future fundraising is an event at the Manor in September and for the Music Group to give a concert.

10. Fundraising for replacement of pews:

John had produced a draft flyer to be included in the forthcoming edition of the village magazine. This was approved with a few minor amendments. 1500 copies will be printed at a cost of £130. Paru to inform Hauxton about the flyer.

11. Youthinc: (Paru)

Paru reported on her attendance at a meeting on 26 November. There is a Youth Hub where professional youth leaders, volunteers and clergy can pray, share, learn and plan together. A Youth Worker has been supporting volunteers in existing groups, including the Hub. She (Rachel) has made links and begun planning with clergy and other office holders, providing termly seminars for parents/volunteers, linked up with HIGHER (mission project in Sawston and elsewhere), part of monthly CONNECT planning team, begun to attend services and events in targeted areas, planning future events, camps, etc. Rachel is employed by Youth for Christ, for 15 hours per week, 55-60 hours per month on parishes, mainly in term time.

12. Stewardship: (Paru)

As part of joining the Parish Giving Scheme, a Stewardship survey was advised. Alexandra Clarke preached on Giving on 4 November and Stewardship forms were distributed to 43 people. As a result of this we have new readers, leaders of intercessions, help with flower arrangements, social events, mowing the Churchyard, delivering the magazine, help with weddings and funerals. There has been a request for Bible Study and we will discuss this with Susan when she arrives. As yet, no one has come forward to join the sacristan team, and if we are in a position to move from two Harston Services per month to three or four (with a ministry team), then an additional sacristan would be helpful. A ‘thankyou’ will be sent to the Harston congregation soon. Joy asked if we might return to two readers each week and Charlotte suggested we compromise by having two readers for festivals. This was agreed.

13. Correspondence: (Mary)

Suggestion for a Lent course from the Diocese. John said that as we did last year, Compline will be said on each Wednesday in Lent by the Coffee and Chat group, with everyone welcome to join.

14. AOB:

Paru reported that due to a delay in building alterations to the Vicarage, Susan will not be able to move in until Monday 18 February. Mary to organise a ‘welcome’ card for members of Harston congregation to sign.

15. Dates of next meetings: PCC 13 March (White Gates, Button End (Jilly’s house)), APCM 3 April.


Present: Paru Oatey (Chair), Charlotte Clarke, Shaun Fitzgerald, Norman Jones, Mary and Brian Nash, Jilly Pearson, Andrew Pitts

1.Opening Prayers: were led by Paru.

2.Apologies for absence: John Barber, Joy Richardson

3.Minutes of the meeting held on 12 September: were approved and signed by Paru. There were no matters arising.

4. Churchwarden’s reports: (Paru)

Recruitment – House for Duty (Sunday and 2 days) – Parish Priest:

A licensing date for Revd. Susan Bowden-Pickstock has been set for Sunday 24 February 2019 at 3pm in Harston Church. Bishop Stephen will conduct the service and a reception will follow in Harston Village Hall.

Services: All Harston Sunday Services have clergy booked until 17 February. This includes all Harston and Hauxton Remembrance Sunday services and the Christingle services. This means our new priest will take services from 1 March. The Archdeacon (Alex Hughes) will take the service on 17 February.

4 November was our Patronal Festival and Alexandra Clarke preached on stewardship.

13 December: 10am School Carol Service (rehearsal afternoon of 12 December)

19 December: 7pm Carols by Candlelight (Roger Greeves)

27 January: Morning prayer with Music Group (Stuart Jordan from Westcott House)

Paru referred to arrangements for Remembrance Sunday and to the Stewardship forms which had been circulated to all those on the Electoral Roll. Shaun suggested that as we now have a few more people attending church at Harston, attention should be given to arrangements for children and to organising a rota to this effect. This was agreed.

5. Restoration and Development: (Norman – see attached report)

6. Hospitality suite in memory of Bridget Bromilow: Norman confirmed that it is intended to keep the original frontage, but have new cupboards and worktop.

7. Fundraising project: interior decoration and replacement pews action plan (All): Norman reported that we will need 18 x 3 seater benches and 55 chairs which will give more flexibility. Luke Hughes is quite expensive and has produced a brochure on how our church could be fitted out. Referring to our current flooring, Norman explained what can be done to alleviate damp. If we decided to replace the whole floor, this could cost between £60,000 and £70,000. However, the benches and chairs could be installed first and then the work on the floor done progressively.

A short discussion then took place on security and lead theft and the possibility of installing an alarm system. Shaun asked if anything more can be done to prevent lead theft e.g.

reinforcement of the gates. Norman to investigate a suitable padlock and consult with Jeremy Symes.

8. Finances: (Andrew)

a) Finance report (see attached)

b) Parish Giving Scheme

Andrew recommended the scheme as it encourages people to think about increasing their annual contributions. Shaun asked about our insurance costs and if they would rise due to the installation of the new gate. Andrew confirmed that our running costs are covered each month. Shaun asked if there was a possibility of us selling pinders’ land and as there is so much building being done in London Road would it be worth someone making enquiries. Norman will carry this forward.

9. Social Events: (Charlotte)

Christmas Fayre: Charlotte explained about the need to change the lettering on the large sign which will be displayed as usual outside the school. The quote we had received was too expensive so alternatives were being investigated. Norman is to erect road signs. A Curry Evening will be held at Harston House in February/March (date to be confirmed). Re the Plant Sale, Charlotte hopes that the people involved in Open Gardens might produce plants for us. It is hoped to resurrect the Open Gardens perhaps in 2020. The Music Group would like to give a concert some time in the future, perhaps at a village event. A list of Christmas services for Harston and Hauxton will appear in the next edition of the Village magazine, including Carol Services and Christingles.

10. Charity Giving report from Standing Committee: (Paru)

The Standing Committee (comprising Paru, Norman, Mary and Charlotte) had met on 22 October to discuss changing our way of giving to make it more transparent. At present each year we select three or four charities to which we donate. Since 2007 this was 10% of our income, but last year it was decided to donate £2,000 to be divided between 5 local charities and the residue be held in reserve to donate, if required, to a national or international emergency. If this was not needed, then that reserve be retained for church development. Currently, the collections from Remembrance Sunday and Christingle are given to the British Legion and the Children’s Society respectively. It is proposed that in future we will extend this by directing collections from other events to certain charities. This year these will be: 24 November Christmas Fayre to Harston Church Restoration, 19 December Carols by Candlelight to the Salvation Army and the proposed February/March Curry Evening to Dimensions UK. If there is a local emergency that we know of, we can then have retiring collections for at least two services in a month. These proposals were agreed.

11. Correspondence: (Mary)

• Following our decision to stop using the collection boxes for the Children’s Society, Mary had received a letter from the CS thanking us for our past efforts and our continuing support.

• Email and attachments from Jackie Cox at the Diocesan Office, asking for PCC information update. Mary to forward to all PCC members.

• Second email from Jackie Cox attaching all documents relating to preparation of new Electoral Roll.

12. AOB:

Mary raised the question of donations from groups of bellringers. By the end of this year we will have welcomed 12 groups and they all make a small donation at the end of their stay. It was agreed that these donations should be retained separately and not, as at present, placed in the collection plate.

13. Date of next meeting: 16 January 2019 at Harston House.


Present: Paru Oatey (Chair), John Barber, Norman Jones, Mary and Brian Nash, Jilly Pearson, Andrew Pitts, Joy Richardson

1 . Opening Prayers were led by Paru.

2. Apologies for absence: Charlotte Clarke, Shaun Fitzgerald

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 13 June were approved and signed by Paru. There were no matters arising.

4. Churchwarden’s reports (Paru):

a)Recruitment (House for Duty): There will be a formal announcement on 23 September. No date has been given yet for Licensing as the Bishop and the Archdeacon need to be available, but it is anticipated to be late February. Some work needs to be done in the vicarage and the tenants have to leave by 3 December.

b)Services – Sundays:

• Preachers have been booked until 20 January 2019. This includes all Harston and Hauxton Remembrance services and the Christingle services and Roger Greeves has agreed to do all services on Remembrance Sunday.

• All arrangements have been finalised for the weddings on 15 and 22 September.

• Morning service will be held on 23 September when Colin Smith from Wesley House will preach and the music group will sing.

• Harvest 21 October – followed by lunch and propose we invite all those who help with Church activities such as flowers, fundraising events, and clergy who are assisting us during the interregnum.

• Patronal Festival – 4 November – Alexandra Clarke will preach on Giving.

• School Carol Service in Church – 10am 13 December. Rehearsal the day before. The Christmas tree will be in place.

• Carol Service 7pm 19 December – Roger Greeves

A meeting took place between all churchwardens and treasurers last week to discuss what we can do to support our new Vicar, working on the principle that she will work on Sunday plus two days. We will try to relieve her of some administration and pastoral work. We want to be able to have a service each Sunday at Harston and Newton and Hauxton will talk to their PCCs about this. No final decision will be made until the new Vicar is in office and in consultation with her. A follow-up meeting will take place in December. A list is being prepared in the 3 parishes of events that the Vicar can attend to enable her to get to know people. Another item raised was to hold joint PCC meetings, but this would be only to discuss items where a decision is needed from all PCC’s. This may take place at Harston, and following the joint meeting, we could split into 3 groups to discuss parish matters. The first joint meeting might be in June 2019. It was agreed that Hauxton has the most potential for growth.

5. Hospitality Suite in memory of Bridget Bromilow: The current work that Herringbone has been doing is nearly complete (see Norman’s report attached). The notes in Norman’s report on the new serving area were discussed and quotes have been obtained to repair the storage area behind the curtain and to fit a cupboard in that space. It was suggested that another sink would not be necessary and, if possible, we would retain the pew frontage. Mary to inform Simon Bromilow of work progress.

6. Fundraising project: interior decoration and replacement pews action plan:

Paru reported that £15,500 had been received so far, which, with gift aid, could amount to £19,000. John had prepared a draft fundraising brochure. Joy to write a piece for the December/January edition of the Village Magazine and the brochure could then be inserted into the edition for February/March. With reference to grants, Norman emphasised the processes which have to be gone through when applying.

7. Finances: (see attached report)

a) Finance report b) Parish Giving Scheme

Referring to b) Andrew said that eventually it is hoped that everyone who gives by Standing Order will be on this scheme. We will still operate the envelope scheme and the plate collections. The PCC then passed the following resolution, proposed by Norman and seconded by John:

“We the PCC of All Saints’ Church, Harston, request the Parish Giving

Scheme to commence operation of the scheme on our behalf.”

A few additions were suggested to the Stewardship form (see attached) and this will be distributed at the Patronal Festival on 4 November.

8. Deanery Synod Report: (see attached)

9. Restoration and Development Report: (see attached)

10. Social Events: Mary reported that she, Charlotte and Patsy will meet on 18 September to discuss the following:

12 October Band Concert: 7.30pm in Church: Charlotte has printed 80 tickets

21 October Harvest bring and share lunch: 12.30pm in Church. Clergy who have helped during interregnum, plus flower arrangers to be invited.

24 November Christmas Fayre at Village Hall 11am to 2pm: Hall has been booked from 9am to 6pm and Euan has given information re renewal of lettering on the large sign which is placed at the school.

11. Correspondence: Mary referred to a letter she had received from the Bishop with reference to safeguarding issues. Mary confirmed that Nina Kay in her capacity as Safeguarding Officer for the Benefice has replied on behalf of the Benefice “that we know of no concerns which have not previously been referred to the safeguarding team.” Mary has thanked Nina on behalf of Harston All Saints’.

Notice concerning Youthin seminar to take place on 18 October at Hinxton.

12. AOB: It was agreed that we will field a team at the Village Quiz Night on 13 October. Mary to ask Jilly to place notice in the pew sheet.

Norman reminded the meeting that we have yet to decide which charities we will support this year and the Standing Committee will meet before the next PCC meeting to discuss this and this item will be placed on the agenda for that meeting.

Mary spoke about our support to the Children’s Society via the box collection. There are only 6 people who collect using this system and several of those donate by cheque. We will still donate the collection raised during the Christingle service which last year amounted to £285. It was agreed therefore that we will no longer donate using the box system and Mary will inform the Children’s Society and box collectors of our decision.

Mary reported that she had received an email from Marina Lloyd, who organises bell ringing for Harston and surrounding churches, asking for times for our services on Sunday 11 November - Remembrance Sunday. It is very much hoped that our bells will be rung at some time during that weekend.

13. Date of next meeting: 7 November 2018 at Jilly’s house

Dates of meetings for 2019: 16 January, 13 March, APCM 3 April

13 JUNE 2018

 Present: Paru (Chair), Andrew, Charlotte, Jilly, John, Joy, Mary, Norman

 1 Openings prayers were led by Paru.

 2 Apologies for absence: Brian, Shaun

 3 Minutes of the meeting held on 15 March: There were no matters arising.

 Decisions of the PCC meeting held after the APCM 23 April: Andrew was appointed Treasurer and Electoral Roll Officer; Jilly and Mary were appointed Assistant Churchwardens; John was appointed i/c website.

 4 Churchwarden reports:

a Recruitment – House for Duty (Sunday and 2 days) – Parish Priest

Benefice Profile: introduction with map of Churches and vicarage, the Vicarage, Worship and Ministry, ‘Could you be the person to lead us forward?’ (what we are looking for and what we can offer). Sections for each Church: its individuality - demographics, congregation numbers, needs, community and village life. Parish share met in full.

Rural Dean and Archdeacon met the Churchwardens; some slight changes now needed.

The current timetable: to advertise in the Church Times 6 and 13 July (£800), to interview in the last two weeks of September, with a proposed start date Dec/Jan. Vicarage is occupied until the end of November. We can inform the Diocese of where we are in the process so they don’t re-let.

Clergy support for the Benefice has been much appreciated; positive response, as they could support our new Parish Priest (taking Services, increase the number of Services in the Benefice and/or provide time off). We are very grateful for the strong support given by Roger Greeves, John Pinder, Alexandra Clarke, John Barrett, Colin Smith and the team at Great Shelford.

b Services
All Harston Sunday Services have clergy booked until the 16 December. Roger will take Remembrance Day morning Service and the War Memorial prayers and Services for Hauxton and Harston. Scott Paton will preach at the afternoon Harston Service.

Harvest Festival 21 October – followed by lunch – agreed that we invite all those that help with Church activities (flowers, fundraising events) and clergy who are helping us. Also bell-ringers.

Patronal Festival 4 November

Morning Prayer 10 June was a departure for us.  The Music Group sang three items; the service was taken by John Barrett.  There was positive feedback, though Andrew felt we should decrease rather than increase the number of services.

Weddings – booked for 15 (Emma Pearson) and 22 September (K+J).  Clergy booked and Banns in hand. Rehearsals are planned for the day before. Will need the usual support from Brian and Norman on the day.

c Vicarage – see above; need to let the Benefice know that it is occupied and not to park in the vicarage car park – note for the pew sheet in the first instance.

d Youthinc

Paru attended a seminar on the 22 May ‘Demystifying the Teenager & Understanding Youth Culture’ aimed at youth workers in Church, parents and clergy. There are several organisations in the Diocese catering for the youth, not just Youthinc, with regular events. The Diocese have now commissioned a new Youth Worker. Key is to be able to tap into these events and organisations when we have children/young teenagers. It would appear that grandparents are the most trusted and giving of all generations. Paru attended a Morning Service at Stapleford on the 27 May, and met Simon Taylor, the HfD, and also their Youth coordinator who is part of the Shelford Stapleford Youth Initiative (SSYI). We, as a Benefice, could join SSYI. Paru returned to Stapleford for a monthly 5.30pm Connect Service, aimed at teenagers, so another venue for the youth.

 5 Fundraising Project:

Interior redecoration and replacement pews are our priority.  Letters have been written and there has been a positive response - about £14,500, so far.  Ideas needed for other initiatives. Norman commented that charitable sources were more likely to contribute if we could show successful fund-raising in progress. 

Norman had discovered through the current contractor, working on Quinquennial Survey items, that the floor may be less of a problem as cuts could be made in the columns and a system of damp dispersal introduced.  This would avoid the costly removal of the floor tiles.

 6 Finances:

a Finance report Andrew presented his report (copy attached).

It was gratifying to note a 30% increase in funds since last year.

b Parish Giving Scheme. Andrew outlined a system run by a Church of England company that handled direct debit and Giftaid payments, entailing less administration on our part. The PCC agreed to use the service, provided we did not have to pay running costs.

 7 General Data Protection Regulation:

Andrew presented the Data Privacy Notice (copy attached).

The policy was adopted and is to be available on the website.

 8 Restoration and Development:

Norman presented his report (copy attached).  Minutes of the meeting held on the morning of 13 June 2018 with the architect, the contractors, Jesus College, and Norman had been circulated. Satisfactory progress was reported. 

 9 Social Events:

Charlotte referred to the Open Gardens on 7 and 8 July – all going to plan, with 14 gardens being open and various other events. A website for the occasion had been created:  providing a list of the gardens that will be open, the sponsors, other attractions.

Cottenham Brass Band concert on 12 October.

Harvest Lunch on 21 October.

Christmas Fayre on 24 November.

 10 Correspondence:


 11 Website:

John had circulated the list of pages and explained the various changes that had taken place.

 12 AOB:

Paru referred to the replacement carpet in the Chancel.

PCC Minutes are to be placed on the website.

 13 Date of next meetings:

12 September and 7 November 2018 7.30 for 7.45 pm

[Deanery Synod dates: 18 July and 15 November]


 15 MARCH 2018

 Present: The Rev Brigid Hadfield (chair), John Barber, Norman Jones, Iris King, Brian Nash, Mary Nash, Paru Oatey, Andrew Pitts

 1.         Opening prayers were led by BH.

 2.         Minutes Secretary for the meeting:  JB

 3.         Apologies for absence: CC, JP

 4.         Minutes of the meeting held on 18 January and matters arising:

 January Minute 4 It was confirmed that MN’s article on our charitable giving for the Magazine will be printed in full in the next edition.

 January Minute 8 Deanery Fair.  Many thanks for those who were involved in the Deanery Fair, particularly MN and PO, which made approximately £1700.

 January Minute 5 d.  PO reported that the Pew Sheet was being emailed to about 60 people, and just a few copies were being left at the back of the church.

 January Minute 5 g.  PO has offered to be our Parish Link for the Youthinc project.

 5.         Vacancy matters

 a) Nina Kay, Churchwarden at Newton. will be producing the Service rotas for the Benefice. She will liaise with the organists first, before issuing it.  She will book clergy for Newton and Hauxton Services, while PO will book clergy for our services.

 b) PO reported that clergy have been booked for the Benefice for April which Roger Greeves will be taking.  The May, June, July and Christmas Day Services have already been booked. Remembrance Sunday will need planning and clergy are being approached to help. 

 c) Three weddings have been booked. For dates, please see the Calendar page of Harston on the website.

 d) Brigid's contact details, including email address, have been removed from the website, pending her departure on the 5 April.  For each Church contact page, a Churchwarden email address appears, ensuring that the email accounts are transferable between Churchwardens.  On Rosemary Edridge's request, PO will oversee the Hauxton Churchwarden email address.  Simon Talbott is the emergency contact for the Benefice.

 e) PO attended the Mothering Sunday Service at Great Shelford and met the Churchwardens and lay readers, who have offered their support in our vacancy.  Once the Benefice has appointed a replacement, we will join the Benefice of Great Shelford and Stapleford, with Simon Talbott as Priest-in-charge of the five Churches. 

 6.         Finances

 AP presented his report. [Copy attached]

 Item 2: the PCC agreed to the transfer of £5000 from the unrestricted funds to the Restoration Fund.

 7.         Preparations for AMP/APCM on 23 April 2018

 The PCC approved the PCC report, the Fabric report, and the draft Finance report.

 PO and Nigel Richardson have joined the list of sidespersons.

 The Electoral Roll is in hand.  A notice will appear in the Pew Sheet for the benefit of any new people.

 8.         Restoration and development

 NJ presented his report. [Copy attached]

 The contract for the Church Gates and Chancel wall repairs will be given to Herringbone.  The work is likely to be undertaken in May-June and will take about 8 weeks.  Most of the remaining Quinquennial work will be done by the middle of next year.

 9.         Social events

 a) MN reported on the preparation for the Open Gardens weekend 7-8 July.  About thirteen gardens will be available and various activities are being planned which will attract the full range of ages and interests.  It is hoped that we may be able to involve local companies for help in printing costs, etc.  There will be a meeting on 28 March.

 b) Cottenham Brass Band will be giving a concert in Church on 12 October.

 10.       Correspondence

 Diocesan training workshop dates had been notified.

 11.       AOB

a) Bell-ringing will take place at some stage during the day on 11 November.

 b) The amount of safeguarding training will be of increasing importance for PCCs.

c) There will be a Youthinc meeting on 22 May at Hildersham entitled ‘Demystifying the teenager.’  PO has made a useful contact in Jenny Duke, the Youthinc organiser.

 d) IK was stepping down from the PCC.  She was thanked for the contribution she has made over the years.

 e) The PCC thanked MN who is stepping down as Churchwarden after five exemplary years, during which she has worked tirelessly. 

 12.       Date of next meeting:  23 April (following APCM)

 PCC dates for remainder of 2018 are now:

13 June, 12 September, 7 November