Lockdown Photo Competition

Harston's 2021 Looking out from Lockdown Calendar is now available to buy. It features many of your great photos from the Lockdown Photo Competition earlier in the year. Copies are for sale at the Looking out from Lockdown Exhibition in the Church this weekend. Price £10. 
Proceeds to Church restoration. You can also order by emailing:

Please give name and address and the number of calendars you would like. Email orders will be invoiced and payment can be made by BACS or cheque.

Please come along if you can and view the exhibition. In words and pictures, contributors of all ages share memories and thoughts about how they occupied themselves while isolated, and new things they discovered about themselves and the locality. Open from 1

0.30-4.30 on Saturday and then every day until Sunday 11 October, 11.30-4.30. Please wear a mask. Socially distanced viewing.

Thank you to all who have supported our Harston Lockdown Photo competition. We now have a fine collection (scroll down to view).

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Week 8       FINAL WEEK
Here are the winners, announced 26 June 2020: 

Benjamin Varea, aged 12, for the Under 16s 
Pollinators in Progress



John Hoyle : Spitfire and Harvard over Harston

Spitfire and Harvard over Harston

and the other photos submitted this week:

Sunset Walk
Lada Gosteva, aged 9 : Sunset Walk

Freya Merrilees, aged 10 : Pinks

Home-schooling in the Garden
Josie : Home-schooling in the garden

Spot the Swift

Irina Gosteva : Spot the Swift


Margaret Greeves : Masks

Clapping the NHS

Grant Marriott : Clapping the NHS

Lockdown Ending

Greg Tucker : Lockdown Ending

Catching the moment

Joy Richardson : Catching the moment

Week 7

Here is the winner, announced 17 June 2020: 

Françoise Barber : Nature's love sustains

Nature's love sustains

and the other photos submitted this week:

Poppy field

Coireall Marlow, aged 10 : Poppy field

Loves me

Freya Merrilees, aged 10 : Loves me - loves me - not loves me

Martin Harris : Supplies

Liz Heron : Thistledown

Button End fox cubs

John Hoyle : Button End fox cubs

Lockdown hairdressing
Grant Marriott : Lockdown hairdressing

Week 6

Here are the winners, announced 9 June 2020: 

Emily Roberts, aged 10, for the Under 16s 

Emily Roberts

and Simon Marlowe : Badger for the Adults.

Simon Marlow

and the other photos submitted this week:

Alex, aged 8
Alex, aged 8

Sophie, aged 13
Sophie, aged 13

Emma Gambie
Emma Gambie: Grandad's garden

Irina Gosteva
Irina Gosteva: Lada

Grant Marriott

Grant Marriott, Lockdown cocktails

Paru Oatey: Summer rose
Paru Oatey: Summer rose

Joy Richardson: Amazing Alium

Joy Richardson: Amazing Alium

Week 5

This week’s competition was for Under 16s only. 

Here is the winner announced 3 June:  

Henry Franks, aged 9

 03 June Honeysuckle

Here is the winner announced 28 May: 

John Hoyle : Sunset over the River Rhee

Sunset over the River Rhee

and the other photos submitted this week:

Social distancing

Social Distancing : Grant Marriott

Thank you NHS

Thank you NHS : Megan Sammons

Lazy Daisie

Lazy Daisie : Livi Clarke

Button End poppy

Button End poppy : Revd Susan

Here are the joint winners announced 19 May: 

Martin Harris : Lockdown hedgehog


and John Hoyle : Spot the All Saints' squirrel


and the other photos submitted this week:

Here is the winner announced 13 May: 

Isaac Jenkins, aged 13

Isaac's mother says that winning this 'is a great little boost for his confidence! (He’s already thinking about what he can capture next!)'


Here is the winner announced 6 May: 

Jimmy Andrews

Winner May 6

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