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Harston Church

Church Street
CB22 7NR

Harston Church caters for a happily diverse churchmanship—from people with evangelical leanings to those with high-church interests; there is a broad age-range of regular worshippers.

Font flowers January 2016

Please click on Services for dates and times. Our Parish Communion is part-sung to a modern setting; other music may sometimes be played during the taking of Communion, reflecting the prayerful atmosphere, which is important to us. The Music Group regularly plays during services, and, frequently, one of the group accompanies the organ on the trumpet. There is a very participative and co-operative feel to our services with clergy and lay members working together towards common goals. The use of innovative material and music, which has been respectful of the desire for prayerfulness, as well as openness to new concepts, has been very welcome. Other services include Joint Services (with the other parishes in the Benefice) and on the first Friday morning of the month, a simple service is held at the Meadow Way Community Centre, for those in sheltered housing.

Our aim is to be as welcoming as possible and to reach out to the whole community with the Church as a parish building available to all. 

Our Mission Action Plan has four objectives: to develop a clearer vision, thinking about our identity and purpose as Christian individuals and as a church; to encourage lay participation, developing pastoral work, and being useful in the community; to grow our own spirituality, building on what we already do; to be useful in the community, bringing people together.