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Good Friday

Ignore the Palm Sunday reference, it’s equally appropriate ,if not more so, on Good Friday.


after Jesus' prayer in the Garden

"see my betrayer is at hand"

"Please watch and pray with me a while," –

                                      a sad, forlorn request -   

"Please walk with me this final mile,"

                                    But they, like us, have failed the test,

                                    asleep while Jesus cries,

                                    asleep while Jesus cries.


after the trial before the High Priest

"and the guards received him with blows"


Now stinging slaps smart on his face,

                                    Scorn ringing in his ears.

Why should he suffer this disgrace?

                                    For all our sorrows, pains and tears

                                    are held in his embrace,

                                    are held in his embrace.


after Peter's denial

"and he broke down and wept"


It wasn't meant, that harsh denial,

                                    to reach his Master's ear;

he only thought to watch the trial,

                                    but then surrendered to his fear.

                                    We too make such denials,

                                     we too make such denials.


after the trial before Pilate

"which means the place of a skull"


We see you burdened with that tree;

                                we long to bear its weight:

                                to know how rough its splinters feel,

                                go stumbling through the crowded gate,

                                to share your agony,

                                to share your agony.


after the crucifixion and death

"this man was the Son of God"


In darkness and in gloom, it's done.

                               that final, fateful hour.

                               The off'ring up of God's own Son,

                               so freely made, strips death of power;

                               and so love's vict'ry's won, 

                               and so love's vict'ry's won


Hymn: When I survey the Wondrous Cross

The following video has been produced by Arlette for children.  It is also visible on The Family Page: