Restoration and Development

Floor complete!

Floor complete


In recent years the Church has restored its ancient tower, and added a kitchen/servery and a disabled toilet. With our new floor and chairs, we have a more flexible space for worship and for activities for the wider Harston community. 


We are very grateful to the Cambridge Historic Churches Trust for an interest-free loan towards the replacement of our floor with Ancaster Limestone Tiles which will allow the floor to breathe, so preventing damage to the columns. 

The Cambridge Historic Churches Trust  offers grants and loans to help congregations look after their historic places of worship. Details of the Trust's work can be found at

Apart from some regular maintenance, the walls will need some re-plastering and re-painting! 

Who will benefit?


We hope that everyone will benefit.  We are still at an early stage in our thinking about community use, but ideas that have been suggested include:

·       A pop-up cafe for young mothers and for the elderly, with space for young children to play;

·       A small ICT-hub for people with no home access to the Internet or Zoom conferencing;

·       A space for musical concerts and dramatic productions;

·       A permanent exhibition of the history of Harston through the ages;

·       A place for quiet reflection, inside and/or outside.



The quality of the new stone floor shows off the fine proportions of the church to greater advantage. We hope it will help to stir the imagination of visitors in years to come.