God our Father, we thank you for the person we knew, the years we shared, the good we saw, and the love we received.”

(Extract from a prayer used at a Church of England funeral service.)


If you live in Harston, Hauxton or Newton you are entitled to ask for the Funeral Service for your loved one, in the Parish Church or the crematorium; at a cemetery or a woodland or green burial site.

This is so whether or not you attend Church.

Please do not hesitate to refer to the Contact us page. You will be helped every step of the way.

You may find it helpful to read the attached link; it reflects how we in our three Parishes are willing to be with you ‘every step of the way’:

The closing words of this story are:

Every person is unique, every life is special, every journey through death and grief is personal. And the Church of England has been supporting people through all of this for hundreds of years – and your local church is there for you…..every step of the way.

Here is a further link to help you at this difficult time:


Here is another prayer which may help.  It is taken from:


 Lord of all love,

 be with me today in the stillness

 and comfort me as I remember my friend

 Be with me as I look back,

 remembering all whom I mourn,

 and be with me as I look forward

 to the journey that lies ahead.

 Give me the strength to talk of hope

 and the courage to show love.
 In Jesus name. Amen.