Friends of St. Margaret

Since the formation of the 100 club in 2008, it has passed £13,700 to St. Margaret's church.  

As the usual congregation is about 15, and the club has about 50 members, it means that the church is very grateful to Newton people who are not regular attendees to services.

To say thank you to the members of the 100 Club, the next AGM on Tuesday 17th March will be held in the church when refreshment will be supplied.  This will also give the Church, not the building, the opportunity to say all are welcome beyond the use for Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals, and that they that regularly worship here would like to reach out to whoever needs help.

As well as members, potential members are also welcome.

A survey was carried out in Newton many years ago on how villagers regarded the church. The vast majority of responses said the church was an important part of the village, although the size of the usual Sunday congregation was much smaller. Though this meant that the cost of running the church fell on a few people, many in the village wanted to help the Church financially in order to ensure its presence in the village for worship, pastoral care and Occasional Services.

100 Clubs have been used in many organisations as a way of generating funds and St. Margaret’s PCC agreed to the suggestions that funds could be raised in this way. The Friends of St. Margaret came into being to show its support in this manner.

Firstly, it had to be known if sufficient number of villagers would support such a venture and the initial response was encouraging. To start, there were about 30 members who paid £1.00 per week and 20% of the income was used for a prize draw each month. In the first year, as members of the 100 Club grew in number, the Friends of St. Margaret was able to hand over £1,500 towards the church finances. Now, years later, with members hovering around the 50 mark, £40 per month is the prize draw and £2,000 a year transferred to church funds. The prize draw is of secondary importance as a number of winners have donated the money back to the church.

 The 100 Club membership is 50 and the average weekly congregation is 15 and so many villagers do support the church in this and other ways. It is a support which the congregation much appreciates and wants to encourage.