This leaflet was distributed throughout the village with the Village and Parish Magazine.   

St Edmund’s

Your Church . . .

 Haux 2

. . . at the heart of the village

Come in through the main door, a Norman arch, built centuries ago:

 Haux porch

and then, inside, take a look to your right, where you will see another Norman arch:

BP 15 Chancel arch


Just think of those craftsmen, painstakingly chiselling away at the stone. It is one of the oldest and most interesting churches in Cambridgeshire.

To the right of the arch is a fresco of St Thomas à Becket. That, too, is an amazing piece of art to have survived for so many centuries. Here is the best preserved part:

BP 19 b Fresco

Unless there is a Benefice Service at Harston or Newton (that can happen at holiday time, for example), there will be a Service here on a Sunday morning. How will you know? From the Parish Magazine, the Church noticeboard or our website: which has all the contact details. The Vicar’s phone number is: 01223 871305 Please contact her for weddings, baptisms, funerals, or a visit.

Get married here . . .

 Hauxton wedding 1

Haux Wedding image 4

 have your children baptised here . . .

 Baptism with Brigid

or come to one of the other Services. Apart from Sunday worship, we put on special Services such as an Annual Pet Service and a Light-a-Candle Service for the bereaved.

 Come and meet the Vicar and the caring congregation who are actively involved in many ways in the life of the village. On the website, you will find the dates of future events that are planned; we have an active social programme.

Join the Friends of St Edmund’s. Again, all the information is on the website.

What is this and where can you find it?

 Haux sundial

Did you spot that the Chancel roof is different from the Nave roof?

 Haux Chancel roof tr.Haux Nave roof tr


BP 29 Village sign


At the Heart of the Village