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1050 Years old! 

Open Day July 2019


"This year St Edmund’s Church is celebrating its 1050th birthday, which we all agreed was quite an extraordinary anniversary. A huge thank you to all who helped to put on our Open Day on Saturday. 

We had a lovely day of people exploring the church, reading about the history of the building, appreciating the flowers; the children’s art - fantastic pictures, thank you, Hauxton School! - trying to trace the identity of people in the photos of the 1000th birthday pageant; marvelling over the miniature-rooms exhibition; and taking a pew outside - and in - to enjoy refreshments accompanied by music. 

For me it was a joy to see so many people from the village enjoying their parish church. St Edmund’s is not a closed club of religious people, but a place and a people open to all. Over the next few years we will try and tackle bringing the building into the twenty-first century with toilet facilities, and new pews (our current ones are too easy to trip over!) and then we can be an even more helpful space for young and old. So, thank you one and all, look out for our St Edmund’s festival in the Autumn and please keep popping in!

Bless you all,


Displays by Hauxton School:


School displaySchool


Flower arrangementFlowers

Food, glorious food!






St Edmund's Church model in the making:  

St Edmunds model


Given these other models by Michael Walter, just imagine how it will look when it is finished!

Bakers shopHouse


Craftsmans workshop

Views you may not have seen:

From the tower

From the tower

The past:

HistoryThe pastScratch dials

Hauxton WI stand, with the Thomas a Beckett mural in the background:

The Mothers Union stand